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Poached Eggs
February 22, 2010, 9:01 pm
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This post has nothing to do with fermentation.

2 days ago, I had only ever poached an egg using this fancy silicone invention called a “poach pod,” which I got from R.Hirt Jr. last year.  They’re green and flexible and nicely designed… but honestly, they made me feel like I was cheating (I was) and the eggs they produced were just a little bit too perfect.  none of that charming pillowy whiteness that is a real poached egg.

But for the Corktown Community Brunch Angela was envisioning poached eggs nestled atop a bed of curried 5 potatoes (redskins, fingerlings, Yukon golds, Japanese sweets and yam sweets), and 3 dozen attempts later, that’s exactly what she got.

Myself and a team of two other highly skilled food scientists undertook this mission with zeal, and three hours later we were rewarded with the knowledge that poaching eggs is A) difficult B) more difficult in a cast iron skillet and C)not for the faint of heart.  oh yeah… there is also a lot of vinegar involved.

in a nutshell, here is what we learned:

Eggs poach best in water just under boiling (around 202 degrees).

Water should be still, but it’s good to give it a stir and then allow it to settle back down, just to be sure the heat is well distributed.

Add a lot of vinegar and a good amount of salt to your water before you add the eggs.  don’t be shy with the vinegar, it makes a world of difference and the flavor washes off when you place the freshly poached eggs in cold water to stop the cooking process when they’re done.

Crack your eggs into little cups or shallow dishes first, and ever so gently lower them into the water.  putting them in along the sides of the skillet can help them keep their form.

Those are all the tips I’m going to include, both because I honestly wasn’t the one who actually excelled at poaching, and because my primary motivation for posting this was to make a MUCH SHORTER and LESS COMPLICATED recipe for egg poaching than all the verbose internet info we had to work with.  The downside is that I’m probably missing a lot of important detail.  oh well, you can’t win every battle:)


and try serving your poached eggs with some sauerkraut.  I promise the combination won’t disappoint.


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YES. (even though I am so not about the eggs right now.)

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