Suddenly Sauer: Preserving Food and Tradition in a Modern World

August 24, 2010, 1:23 pm
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check out some of Suddenly Sauer’s upcoming Detroit events:

brought to you by Urban Ecology Detroit and NEIGHBORHOOD NOODLE


Join Suddenly Sauer @ Urban Ecology Detroit‘s latest event–>

I sCREAM (without cream): ICE CREAM creation and consumption 101

Ice Cream in mid churn, yum.

this class, brought to you by URBAN ECOLOGY DETROIT, focuses on the making (and consumption) of unique ice creams!

We’ll be using non-dairy ice cream bases (cashews, coconut milk, etc.) to help us understand the fundamentals of ice cream flavor and texture! Non-vegans and vegans alike will leave confident in their knowledge of how to build an ice cream using a variety of bases and ingredients. We’ll also be tasting everything we make, so come prepared to eat!

visit Urban Ecology Detroit’s facebook page for more details



This Monday, August 30th Suddenly Sauer will be selling asian inspired ice cream through NEIGBORHOOD NOODLE

Special Dessert! Handmade tamarind-coconut (no-dairy) ice cream — Tamarind ice cream with a coconut milk base, Edgeton community farm egg yolks, agave sweetener, and toasted coconut flakes (by Blair of Suddenly Sauer).

tamarind ice cream with a coconut milk base

check out the dessert, as well as the super sweet noodle bowls @ NEIGHBORHOOD NOODLE


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YUM – i miss you and this foodie-ness, which i have developed here in CV more than ever, i go to bed imagining what i am going to try to invent the next day… hopefully ill be trying some of this icream o’ yours in Nov!!! beijos

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