Suddenly Sauer: Preserving Food and Tradition in a Modern World


I’m a fermentation enthusiast with a pickling apprenticeship under my belt and an apprenticeship in urban agriculture underway. I live in Detroit. I dream about cultured soda fountains and local food systems. I buy eggs from co-workers, raw milk from farmers with first names, and I grow lettuce mix on one 1/2 acre of a community farm housed in a city park.  Food is everywhere and nowhere simultaneously, community is deeply felt and just out of reach, and complexities like these compounded by a countless many more make preservation (of all kinds) profoundly relevant in a city continually confronted with the undulations of scarcity and abundance.  Join me on my adventures in fermentation experimentation, food system evolution, and wide eyed wonder as I learn to live in this city I call home.


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Can you perhaps add a subscription option to your website? Would be great to receive updates of your latest writings, without having to dig your website out of my bookmarks when I remember 🙂

Comment by Bryan Hugill

i’ll work on it! thanks for asking

Comment by suddenlysauer

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